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Caskey L. Dickson caskey at
Sat Oct 10 22:59:19 CEST 1998

Hi all,

I recently began communicating with my friend using encrypted comm's.  He
uses PGP 5.5 for business, and I'm using gnupg.  I have several old keys
that I regret having created without expiration dates as they are 'in the
wild' and therefore I must suffer the burden of keeping them around.

On the good side, my friend's keys are DSS/Diffie-Hellman and GnuPG
(0.4.0) had zero trouble importing them and I have sent several messages
to him that he was successfully able to decrypt.

The problem comes in where *my* most recent PGP key is a
DSS/Diffie-Hellman and that is what he is using to send messages to me.
I'd like to either be able to decrypt using GnuPG or get him my
DSA/ElGamal keys.  Unfortunately, I've had no luck in that department.

So far, what I have managed to do successfully is to load his DSS/D-H key
onto my GnuPG ring.  I'm using PGP5.0i1b to access my old PGP key rings.

Is GnuPG able to make use of DSS/D-H keys for encryption, i.e. if I could
figure out how to get PGP5..0i to export my private key, would I be able to
use it in GnuPG?

PGP refuses to import my DSA/ElGamal key and so I doubt he'd be able to
get it imported, therefore my only solution will be to use my DSS/D-H keys
through GnuPG.

Problem:  `pgpk -x caskey` only exports my public key.  AFAIK there is no
way to export a private key via PGP5.0.  I've tried everything I can think
of.  I recall being able to do this in the windows version that I used to

I hope that wasn't too rambling, my mind isn't with me at the moment.


P.S. All of this is going into my page on PGP/GnuPG communicating for
others to access.

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