PGP4Pine and GPG v0.4.1

Chris Wiegand cwiegand at
Mon Oct 12 00:05:29 CEST 1998

On Sun, 11 Oct 1998, you wrote:
>G'day. PGP4Pine doesn't seem to be parsing the secret keyring correctly =
-- perhaps the format has changed since the versions of gpg it officially=
>Anyhow, the new format goes like this:
>sec::1024:17:0123456789ABCDEF:1998-10-09:0:::Charles Duffy <cduffy at bigfo=>:ssb::1024:16:040125C603C4A817:1998-10-09:0:::

Okay, was the format for this changed? I used to use what is "0123456789A=
for the keyID, however, has that changed, or did this user be the lucky
recipient of a valid keyID that looks like that? Also, can anyone tell me=
each of those fields mean? I know some of them, but what's ssb? or the 17=
the beginning? Or the blank fields? Thanks.

>If there are any spaces in there, they were placed during mail-handling;=
 it should all be one string.
>Thanks for the useful program; I hope I'll be able to use it with gpg 0.=
4.1 (which I personally have had no problems with) soon.

Chris Wiegand

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