PGP4Pine and GPG v0.4.1

Werner Koch wk at
Mon Oct 12 10:34:17 CEST 1998

Chris Wiegand <cwiegand at> writes:

> >Anyhow, the new format goes like this:
> >
> >sec::1024:17:0123456789ABCDEF:1998-10-09:0:::Charles Duffy <cduffy at>:ssb::1024:16:040125C603C4A817:1998-10-09:0:::

But there is a LF before the ssb.

Okay, here is a description:

sec::1024:17:6C7EE1B8621CC013:1998-07-07:0:::Werner Koch <werner.koch at>:
 1. Field:  Type of record
            pub = public key
            sub = subkey (secondary key)
            sec = secret key
            ssb = secret subkey (secondary key)
            uid = user id (only field 10 is used).
            fpr = fingerprint: (fingerprint is in field 10) 
 2. Field:  A letter describing the calculated trust, see doc/FAQ
            (not used for secret keys)
 3. Field:  length of key in bits.
 4. Field:  Algorithm:  1 = RSA
		       16 = ElGamal (encrypt only)
                       17 = DSA (sometimes called DH, sign only)
                       20 = ElGamal (sign and encrypt)
 5. Field:  KeyID
 6. Field:  Creation Date (in UTC)	
 7. Field:  key expieres n days after creation.  
	    (I will change this to a key exiration date)
 8. Field:  Local ID: record number of the dir record in the trustdb
	    this value is only valid as long as the trustdb is not
            deleted.  May be later used to lookup the key: You will be
            able to use "#<local-id> as the user id.  This is needed
            because keyids may not be unique - a program may use this
            number to access keys later.
 9. Field:  Ownertrust (primary public keys only)
10. Field:  User-ID.  The value is quoted like a C string to avoid
            control characters (the colon is quoted "\x3a").

More fields may be added later.

[I've copied this to doc/DETAILS]

Hope this helps,



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