PGP4Pine and GPG v0.4.1

Werner Koch wk at
Mon Oct 12 10:41:45 CEST 1998

Chris Wiegand <cwiegand at> writes:

> >sec::1024:17:0123456789ABCDEF:1998-10-09:0:::Charles Duffy <cduffy at>:ssb::1024:16:040125C603C4A817:1998-10-09:0:::
> Okay, was the format for this changed? I used to use what is "0123456789ABCDEF"
> for the keyID, however, has that changed, or did this user be the lucky
> recipient of a valid keyID that looks like that? Also, can anyone tell me what

You are joking, right?  It is more than unlikely that you will ever
see such a keyid - it is easy to make such a keyid for RSA keys but
not for DSA (or any other algorithms used with packet version 4).  
Please run:

  gpg --list-secret-keys --with-colons --fingerprint

and you should see an additional line starting with "fpr" with the
fingerprint:  The last 8 bytes should be the same as the key ID.


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