PGP/GnuPG Wierdness report...

Caskey L. Dickson caskey at
Mon Oct 12 22:46:05 CEST 1998

Hello all,

As you know I've been experimenting with (and documenting) PGP/GnuPG
integration and a short while ago I had a minor setback.  I was getting
the errors about my keys not being valid for encryption by PGP.  

This was mysterious and so I tried adding a new encryption subkey to my
GnuPG key to no avail.  Odder still was the fact that it wouldn't let me
encrypt with *any* of the keys on my ring.  All of them gave the same
error.  I finally gave up and deleted all of my keys (and keyrings) and
started over.  One thing I noted before I quit was that the expiration
date of my new subkey had been set to 10 days by me and reflected as such
inside of gnupg, however inside of pgp it was displayed as much, much
longer (sometime in 1999). 

I've since re-generated my GnuPG keys and re-imported them into PGP using
the --no-armor --no-comment trick and have manged to send encrypted
messages back and forth.  Now my problem is ascii armoring. 

My prior success with sending messages to my friend may have been affected
by the fact that he was using v.5.5 of PGP, not 5.0 as I am.  Currently I
am unable to do ascii armored messages that can be successfully decrypted.
PGP is *awful* about error messages.  If it doesn't find any input that it
can decrypt it silently dies.

Does anyone else out there successfully communicate with PGP users?


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