gnupg on OpenBSD

Werner Koch wk at
Tue Oct 13 14:54:02 CEST 1998

Markus Friedl <Markus.Friedl at> writes:

> - /dev/random does not work on OpenBSD, i use /dev/srandom instead
>   (random(4) says: /dev/random reserved for nuclear noise generators.)

[Wim, I remember we talked about this - what was your solution?]

> - dynamic loading with dlopen works on OpenBSD, but:
> 	* dlopen() is not defined in libdl, but in crt0.o and friends
> 	* OpenBSD binaries are a.out, so every symbol begins with "_" 

AFAIK, dlopen() does only work with ELF.  The correct solution is to
use th dld.  Need this for FreeBSD anyway.


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