gnupg on OpenBSD

Markus Friedl Markus.Friedl at
Wed Oct 14 09:55:27 CEST 1998

> > - dynamic loading with dlopen works on OpenBSD, but:
> > 	* dlopen() is not defined in libdl, but in crt0.o and friends
> > 	* OpenBSD binaries are a.out, so every symbol begins with "_" 
> AFAIK, dlopen() does only work with ELF.  The correct solution is to
> use th dld.  Need this for FreeBSD anyway.

hm, dlopen() did exist in SunOS4 and SunOS4 has no ELF binaries.
(perhaps you're talking about linux?). nevertheless, there is no
libdl or libdld on OpenBSD and OpenBSD uses a.out _and_ dlopen()
workes on OpenBSD, at least i was able to verify pgp-rsa signatures
using the rsa-module.


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