PGP/GnuPG Wierdness report...

Fabio Coatti cova at
Wed Oct 14 00:59:47 CEST 1998

On Mon, Oct 12, 1998 at 09:46:05PM -0700, Caskey L. Dickson wrote:

> Does anyone else out there successfully communicate with PGP users?

Well, I've just tried to follow the hints that I've found in your home page
about gpg-pgp migration.

I've generated my own gpg key, then I've imported my public pgp5.0i key in
gpg (0.4.1) keyring, with a plain gpg --import.
Now gpg --list-keys reports the following:

pub  1024D/33333333 1998-10-13 Fabio Coatti (Cova) <cova at>
sig        33333333 1998-10-13   [selfsig]
sub  2048g/22222222 1998-10-13
sig        33333333 1998-10-13   [keybind]
gpg: /usr/lib/gnupg/idea: IDEA ($Revision: 1.7 $)
gpg: /usr/lib/gnupg/rsa: RSA ($Revision: 1.8 $)
pub  1024D/44444444 1997-09-03 Fabio Coatti <cova at>
sig        44444444 1997-09-03   [selfsig]
sig        BBBBBBBB 1997-09-08   [User id not found]
sig        CCCCCCCC 1997-11-15   [User id not found]
sub  4096g/99999999 1997-09-03
sig        44444444 1997-09-03   [keybind]

Now I'm unable to do anything with key 4444444, I got the following error

gpg: using secondary key 99999999 instead of primary key 44444444
gpg: LID 35: error building sigs on the fly: g10err=134615971
gpg: key 99999999.35: trust check failed: g10err=134615971
gpg: 0x44444444: error checking key: g10err=134615971
gpg: [stdin]: encryption failed: g10err=134615971

Can someone explain me what I'm doing wrong?
Thanks in advance..

I'm using gpg 0.4.1 compiled under i386 redhat 5.1 (glibc2), and I've both
idea and rsa extensions loaded.

Fabio Coatti
2:332/409.414                   Fidonet
cova at             Internet     Home page
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