PGP/GnuPG Wierdness report...

Werner Koch wk at
Wed Oct 14 11:13:36 CEST 1998

Fabio Coatti <cova at> writes:

> Now I'm unable to do anything with key 4444444, I got the following error
> message:
> gpg: using secondary key 99999999 instead of primary key 44444444

Just to tell you that you have given a seconday key.  pgp 5.x allows
to do this instead of the primary key - so GnuPG allows this to.

> gpg: LID 35: error building sigs on the fly: g10err=134615971

Uninitalized record code :-(.  I rewrote large parts of the trustdb
stuff and with that, I have removed this error message :-)


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