gpg Real Name part.

Eazy|E sniper at
Tue Oct 20 04:04:28 CEST 1998


I've just downloaded gpg, I read the manuals and all looked good so far.
But as soon as I wanted to generate a sec-pub keyring, I spotted a small
problem. Since I dont use my real name in e-mail address and as You all
can see I use "[Eazy|E]" instead, when I tried to insert "[Eazy|E]" in
Real Name field it said "invalid character". I exemined a bit and found
out that gpg doesnt seem to handle "]" or "[" chars in real name fields.

FYI: I've tried all kinds of things, including " and \[, none seems to

I wonder if new upcoming version will handle those chars or if there are
any patches released for as called "funky" chars.

Thanks, best regards,

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