silly little problem, silly little patch

Paul D. Smith psmith at BayNetworks.COM
Tue Oct 20 01:00:59 CEST 1998

%% glouis at writes:

  g> For some strange reason there are versions of Bash in which the builtin
  g> cd command echoes the full path to the destination if it differs from
  g> the parameter given; eg if cwd is /builds and one does cd gnupg-0.4.2
  g> one sees

  g> $ cd gnupg-0.4.2
  g> /builds/gnupg-0.4.2

This will happen if you have CDPATH set, for example.

The more normal solution is to have the configure script reset CDPATH to
something more normal (or remove it).  A change like this was already
made in the latest autoconf sources, I believe.

PS. Note that changing configure is never appropriate: the configure
    script is generated by the autoconf package from (you
    didn't really think anyone sat down and _wrote_ a configure script,
    did you :)

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