silly little problem, silly little patch

Werner Koch wk at
Tue Oct 20 09:53:31 CEST 1998

glouis at writes:

> the parameter given; eg if cwd is /builds and one does cd gnupg-0.4.2
> one sees
> $ cd gnupg-0.4.2
> /builds/gnupg-0.4.2

There is a typo corecction build in and if it does, the cwd is
displayed.  Hmmm, but that should not happen in a script.  

> --- gnupg-0.4.2-vanilla/configure	Sun Oct 18 06:08:22 1998
> +++ gnupg-0.4.2/configure	Mon Oct 19 19:11:17 1998

Sorry, I can't fix it in confutre because the file is created from and a library of macro defs which are part of automake;
a new version of automake would break it.


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