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Caskey L. Dickson caskey at
Tue Oct 20 04:43:46 CEST 1998

On Tue, 20 Oct 1998, Werner Koch wrote:

> "Caskey L. Dickson" <caskey at> writes:
> > Yes it's valid.  One MTA in fact (qmail) uses + and - characters to
> Okay, I changed this and allowed ´+´ in the mailboxname.
> Is it new, that qmail allows ´+´ as separator or is there a special
> meaning for this?

New for qmail?  I don't think so.  I think it's just another preference. 
I know some people use it for virtual domains as a way of 'encoding' the
'@'. I.e. caskey at gets re-mailed to at

Some list operators use it to munge the headers so that bounces go to at  Not that ours does it, mind

Off topic personal note:

I use the '-' mechanism for organizing my incoming list mail and to create
throwaway email addresses.  I.e. if you must give an email address to
download a piece of software, caskey-junkmail-pgp at  I then
filter everything through my .qmail-junkmail-default to the bit bucket
unless I'm expecting something interesting.   Hmm... spam as a source of
entropy?  Could work...


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