0.4.2 is out

Peter Gutmann pgut001 at cs.auckland.ac.nz
Wed Oct 21 11:31:36 CEST 1998

>"Paul D. Smith" <psmith at BayNetworks.COM> writes:
>>Any idea when the new strong RNG code for systems without /dev/random
>>will be integrated into GnuPG?  Is anyone working on that?
>I'm waiting for a response from Peter - but it's now spring down there ...
I've got two conferences I've been preparing for, so I haven't had time to 
release the new dual-license version (with a choice of use under the existing 
conditions or the GPL).  In the meantime go ahead and use the existing code as 
if it were under the dual-license terms, I'll get a new version out when I get 
back from the US in early November.

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