gnome pgp?

sen_ml at sen_ml at
Wed Oct 21 12:05:23 CEST 1998

sorry this is not directly about gnu pg...

does anyone know what happened to gnome pgp?

accessing gives a 404...

for those not in the know, from freshmeat:

  GnomePGP 0.2a

  GnomePGP is a PGP frontend/widget for GNOME. GnomePGP uses GNU Privacy
  Guard (gpg) so GnomePGP is completly Free Software. GnomePGP allows
  you to browse and edit keyrings, sign and encrypt files, etc. There
  is a plan to make a complete GUI for PGP. GnomePGP is split into widgets, 
  which you can use it in your applications. 

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