make check fails (FreeBSD)

Max Inux maxinux at
Sun Oct 25 16:25:43 CET 1998

On Sun, 25 Oct 1998, Werner Koch wrote:
>Jun Kuriyama <kuriyama at> writes:
>>   I'm testing gnupg 0.4.2 on FreeBSD-2.2-STABLE.  But I got failure in
>> "make check" stage.  What should I do about this?
>> > mds.test: TIGER failed for empty string
>Thre is no dynamic linking for FreeBSD yet, right?  So you do not have
>Tiger and therefore the test fails.  I see I have to improve the test
>suite a little bit.
>  Werner

Could allways just print an err message for freeBSD that the two errors
are expected, to clear them up, please upgrade to FreeBSD 3.0.0 which uses
ELF (Finally!)  and thus has dynamic linking.. w00h00.

Although I personally rather linux, I see/know others would rather run
FreeBSD,  but 2.2.6 and earlier still used a.out, something that has not
been standard in many years, FreeBSD, laggingly upgraded to ELF just now
with ELF format. 

One minor thing though,  is FreeBSD 3.0.0 final yet or still beta?  I
_think_ it is final, but i would not take my word for it... oops. 2.2.7 is
latest out, the Betas of 3.0.0 do support ELF

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