make check fails (FreeBSD)

Ron Echeverri rone at
Mon Oct 26 10:44:01 CET 1998

Max Inux writes:
  On Sun, 25 Oct 1998, Werner Koch wrote:
  >Jun Kuriyama <kuriyama at> writes:
  >>   I'm testing gnupg 0.4.2 on FreeBSD-2.2-STABLE.  But I got failure in
  >> "make check" stage.  What should I do about this?
  >> > mds.test: TIGER failed for empty string

I am running 2.2-stable as well and i did not encounter this problem.

  One minor thing though,  is FreeBSD 3.0.0 final yet or still beta?  I
  _think_ it is final, but i would not take my word for it... oops. 2.2.7 is
  latest out, the Betas of 3.0.0 do support ELF
3.0 has been released.  Treat just like any other x.0 release :) The
move to ELF is going smoothly, from what i'm seeing.
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