[0.4.2] Imported PGP5 keys: multiple recipients, trust values

Marco Goetze gomar at mindless.com
Tue Oct 27 22:23:46 CET 1998

Hello *,

I've encountered some weird problem when using keys imported from PGP5
and encoding messages for multiple recipients.  I don't know whether
this is a known issue or has been discussed before; so I'll illustrate
the problem using an example.

Let's suppose I've imported a sec/pub key pair from PGP5, whose user ID 
is "foo", and a second public key, named "bar" (both are DSS/DH 
keys).  Used separately, each of those keys works just fine, but if I 
try to encode a message using both keys, say

  $ echo test | gpg -r foo -r bar -e | gpg

GPG (as expected) prompts me to enter my secret key's ("foo") pass
phrase, and then dies with an error:

  gpg: public key decryption failed: Secret key not available
  gpg: decryption failed: Secret key not available

However, if I change the order of the given key ID's, so as the key 
whose secret counterpart I possess is specified last:

  $ echo test | gpg -r bar -r foo -e | gpg

decoding succeeds.

Has anyone experienced anything similar or any suspicions as to what
this behaviour might be caused by?

On something else that's related to PGP-imported keys, too: I've 
imported a DSS/DH PGP5 key which is signed by an old-style RSA key.  
Even though I've signed the key (using another imported, ultimately 
trusted key), GPG fails to calculate a trust value for it.  May this be 
due to the fact that GPG complains as follows when checking the key's 

  1 signature not checked due to a missing key

If so, is there a way to remove this superfluous signature?


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