3 gpg questions

Kirk Fort kfort at kfort.dyn.ml.org
Sun Sep 6 18:06:59 CEST 1998

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Hi, just had a few questions about gpg. First off, is it just me or is the
key trust stuff broken or not implemented?  Always get keytrust warnings
for all keys other then my own, and under the --edit-key thing the
'calculated trust' is always 'not enough information to calculate' or
something like that.  Second,  is the right way to encrypt a mail message
to someone using pgp 5.0, '--cipher-algo cast5'?  I think this is a
problem with gpg not supporting 3des (yet) and pgp not supporting blowfish
(does pgp 6.0 support blowfish?).  And lastly, I installed gpg as root,
and the gpg binary is listed as root owner, but when I start it under my
user account I get the using insecure memory warning.  When I start gpg as
root I don't get this error.  Is there something I can do to use secure
memory under my user account?  Thanks for you help,

Kirk Fort

Version: GNUPG v0.3.4 (FreeBSD)
Comment: Get GNUPG from ftp://ftp.guug.de/pub/gcrypt/


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