followup to 3 gpg questions

Brian Warner warner at
Wed Sep 9 00:12:09 CEST 1998

kfort at (Kirk Fort) writes:
> I made a little script log of some of the things I mentioned in my last
> post.  You can see that it does not trust my friends key even though I
> have signed it and he has signed my key (along with the rest of the people
> that signed his key).  You can also see that when I encrypt a message to
> him, it first tries 3des, then reverts back to blowfish (not cast5).  Is
> there any utility better then 'script' for what I'm trying to do here?
> script seems to add some extraneous characters.  Attached is the log.
> Kirk Fort

As for trusting keys, I found that I had to do a 'gpgm --check-trustdb' to get
the trust values for new keys to be anything other than 'undefined'. In the
--edit-key display, there were two trust values for each key. The "trust" menu
option controlled one of them, but the second one was always the same ("q" or
"-"? not sure) until I ran --check-trustdb. I recall doing most of the
following to get some test keys ready to make believable signatures:

 create new key
 sign the key: 'gpg --edit-key newkey', choose "sign"
 mark the key as trusted: --edit-key, "trust"
 'gpgm --check-trustdb' to calculate all the trust values

hope this helps,

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