gnupg-0.3.4 and pgp-2.6.3i interaction

Michael Roth mroth at
Fri Sep 11 09:51:11 CEST 1998


I'm still learning about gpg (it is rather complex ;-) and found some more
problems or questions:

1.) I encrypt a file using PGP with "pgp -c FILE". I'm able to decrypt
    this file using gnupg  with the command:
    "gpg --load-extension idea --ciper-algo idea --digest-algo md5 FILE".
    However, if I don't supply options '--ciper-algo' or 'digest-algo'
    gnupg uses wrong algorithms to decrypt the file and print an error
    message "decryption failed: Bad key".

    If the extension module IDEA is loaded IMHO gnupg should detected it
    and than use this algorithm on decrypting PGP 2.6 files.
    Further more in g10/passphrase.c I found this comment:
        * this should be MD5 if cipher is IDEA, but because we do
        * not have IDEA, we use the default one, the user
        * can select it from the commandline

    IMHO gnupg should auto detected the extension IDEA and use MD5 by
    Of course depending on specific extensions in the main programm
    isn't a good thing at all, but in this special case I think it's
    Ok. What do you think?

2.) When I encrypt a file using gnupg with the command line: 
    "gpg --load-extension idea  --cipher-algo idea --digest-algo md5 -c FILE"
    PGP can read this file but not decrypt. I only get a "Bad pass phrase"
    error. :-(

    I'm missing one? I didn't find a hint using source and a debugger...

3.) It looks like that the gnupg option '--list-packets' is really broken.
    In the near future I will make further investigations on this problem.


P.S.:   Where can I find OpenPGP draft/standard/faq/information?

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