gnupg-0.3.4 and pgp-2.6.3i interaction

Paul D. Smith psmith at BayNetworks.COM
Fri Sep 11 13:19:34 CEST 1998

Hi all...

Michael's message brought to mind something I've been thinking about.  I
don't know how many of you out there know much about administering
USENET servers, but one of the newer features is PGP-signed control
messages, for creating, removing, and renaming newsgroups.

If you enable it, you can be sure that only the "approved" party can
have newsgroups automatically created/removed/renamed on your system.
This is quite handy.

The problem is that the PGP people feel that this is a commercial use of
PGP, and they require you to purchase a license to use it.  Not only
that, but you can't just get a personal license, you have to get a
more expensive license, according to them.

It doesn't seem likely, right now, that we can convince the ISC folks to
start signing control messages with GnuPG instead (maybe later once
GnuPG is more widely accepted), but if we could use GnuPG to verify the
PGP signatures that would be very cool and we wouldn't need a PGP

Unfortunately I'm a rank newbie at this, and I also don't have lots of
time to spend learning more :(, but I'd be happy to either provide a PGP
public key and sample message for someone to test with, or do some
experimenting myself if given a couple-line description of how it
_should_ work... maybe just a gpg command line for importing the PGP key
onto the gpg keyring (or can gpg read the PGP keyring?) and one for
verifying the message:

  $ gpg <some-options-here> < test-msg.txt && echo "Verified!"

If I get it working I'd be happy to write up the steps needed to
integrate it into an INN installation.

Or is this not going to work for some reason?

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