gnupg-0.3.4 and pgp-2.6.3i interaction

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Fri Sep 11 14:46:23 CEST 1998

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I believe that GPG can verify pgp signatures.  What I have been trying to
do is let 'gpg -c' be able to encrypt multiple files.  I have it working
basically, I just need to find a way to cache the encryption key so that
you don't have to type in the passphrase for every file you wish to
encrypt.  I think I have an idea about this and I will try to work on it.
Then I guess I need to do the same thing for decryption too.  I haven't
looked at it, but I have a feeling that decrypting multiple files might be

Kirk Fort

On Fri, 11 Sep 1998, Paul D. Smith wrote:

> Hi all...
> Michael's message brought to mind something I've been thinking about.  I
> don't know how many of you out there know much about administering
> USENET servers, but one of the newer features is PGP-signed control
> messages, for creating, removing, and renaming newsgroups.
> If you enable it, you can be sure that only the "approved" party can
> have newsgroups automatically created/removed/renamed on your system.
> This is quite handy.
> The problem is that the PGP people feel that this is a commercial use of
> PGP, and they require you to purchase a license to use it.  Not only
> that, but you can't just get a personal license, you have to get a
> more expensive license, according to them.
> It doesn't seem likely, right now, that we can convince the ISC folks to
> start signing control messages with GnuPG instead (maybe later once
> GnuPG is more widely accepted), but if we could use GnuPG to verify the
> PGP signatures that would be very cool and we wouldn't need a PGP
> license.
> Unfortunately I'm a rank newbie at this, and I also don't have lots of
> time to spend learning more :(, but I'd be happy to either provide a PGP
> public key and sample message for someone to test with, or do some
> experimenting myself if given a couple-line description of how it
> _should_ work... maybe just a gpg command line for importing the PGP key
> onto the gpg keyring (or can gpg read the PGP keyring?) and one for
> verifying the message:
>   $ gpg <some-options-here> < test-msg.txt && echo "Verified!"
> If I get it working I'd be happy to write up the steps needed to
> integrate it into an INN installation.
> Or is this not going to work for some reason?
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