gnupg-0.3.4 and pgp-2.6.3i interaction

Werner Koch wk at
Sat Sep 12 11:03:51 CEST 1998

"Paul D. Smith" <psmith at BayNetworks.COM> writes:

> It doesn't seem likely, right now, that we can convince the ISC folks to
> start signing control messages with GnuPG instead (maybe later once

gnupg can be used outside of the U.S. for this task by using the RSA 
extension module.  Give it a try and write me which bugs I have to
> If I get it working I'd be happy to write up the steps needed to
> integrate it into an INN installation.
> Or is this not going to work for some reason?

You have the RSA problem in the U.S. that is the only reason why it
may not work there.


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