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Sat Sep 12 01:24:58 CEST 1998

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getting 'gpg -c' to encrypt multiple files like I wanted it to was more
then I thought.  I'm sorta of a new programmer.  I'm very tired. Tommorow
I will try to clean up my code a tad and make a diff file so everyone can
take a look at the changes I made.  I don't think I have broken anything.
the only anomaly is that the filenames have to be last on the command
line.  You can't put options after the files. I'm going to try to fix this
tommorow.  I just wanted to ask everyone, do you think what I am doing is
a good idea?  Someone told me that pgp doesn't even do this.  Several
people have told me that it is a job for a script.  I thought it would be
more secure within gpg, and I couldn't get it to work with a script very
well.  I guess I should also try to add decrypt for multiple files too.
its really very neat. Just type 'gpg -c *' then enter a passphrase once
and it encrypts all the files pretty quickly.  I would like the say to
Werner that the code for gpg is very nice and organized.  At the very
least, I have become aquanted with important parts of the code so maybe I
can help out in the future too. Its a thrill being able to alter a program
to make it work the way I want it to work.  Long live free software!

Kirk Fort

Version: GNUPG v0.3.4 (FreeBSD)
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