twofish == blowfish160?

Werner Koch wk at
Sat Sep 12 10:44:08 CEST 1998

Kirk Fort <kfort at> writes:

> When I do 'gpg --version' it lists blowfish160.  Is this twofish? If it is
> I recommend that it be changed to twofish.

The first versions pof gnupg were not OpenPGP aware (it was only a
first draft).  I used Blowfish with a 160 bit key and assigned 42 as
algorithm identifier.  The OpenPGP WG (PGP Inc) refused to assign me
a number so I switched to 128 bit Blowfish which has a registered
number.  I will remove Blowfish160 at some time in the future.

Twofish has an algorith identifier from the experimental range because
the algorithm is too youn and we have no assigned number yet.


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