Porting GNUPG

Paul D. Smith psmith at BayNetworks.COM
Mon Sep 14 18:08:00 CEST 1998

%% pgut001 at cs.auckland.ac.nz (Peter Gutmann) writes:
  pg> That sounds reasonable.  OK, the cryptlib random number code can
  pg> be used in GnuPG under whatever terms are required (GPL I guess)
  pg> on the understanding that it's not exclusively under the GPL, so I
  pg> can keep using it and any updates to it as before (ie it's a dual
  pg> license).  I hope that's what's required.

I suppose to be official you might want to name the files in the
distribution you're discussing: misc/random.h, misc/rndunix.c (other
misc/rnd*.c?), and lib_rand.c?  Or some subset?

Also, just to be clear: you can release your code under whatever license
you like, and change it at will (although you can't change
already-released licensing terms, of course); a license is only for
_other_ people.  The author can do anything with the code, and is not
restricted by the license in any way.

So, you could release it under the GPL, and under your license, and
license it to other under completely different terms for any fees or
anything and that's all fine.

Many people do this sort of thing: for example, the Ghostscript folks
release proprietary versions first, then after a release or two the
older releases are put out under the GPL.  So if you want the newest
stuff you buy it from them, but the older stuff is available free.

Anyway, there's all sorts of variations on the theme.  Authors always
have complete control :)

  pg> It's available via a link off my home page, 

Thx, I'll check it out.

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