Werner Koch wk at
Tue Sep 15 10:03:00 CEST 1998

Dave Smith <dave at> writes:

> One other question... I noticed as I was thrashing through the code
> yesterday (in my failed attempt at cross-compiling) that the only other
> major stumbling block for cross-compiling is some heavy usage of signals in
> the cipher library (if I understood the code correctly). Could someone give

Signals ???

GNUPG does only use SIGUSR1 if the option --run-as-shm-coprocess is
used (to trigger a check whether data from the frontend is available).

Disable this for Windows (configure should already do this) or use
Windows "shared memory".  I used to code something like this with 
a simple file and filelocking (yes - polling).

Other signals are only catched 

> Peter, is there a URL where I can find your paper on the practically strong
> random numbers?

See Peter's homepage.


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