gpg 0.3.5

Fabio Coatti cova at
Tue Sep 15 21:48:09 CEST 1998

I've just compiled gpg under redhat 5.1 and all seems to work, except for a
couple of small problems.
First of all, if I try to symmetric (-ca) encrypt a file and if the *.asc
file exists, gpg asks me if I want to rewrite the *.asc file (with suggested
answers y/N) but if I type y gpg returns that the symmetric encription is
failed because the file exists.

I've compiled both idea.c and rsa.c and I've to report a minor warning in
ulong and ushort are already declared in glibc2 include file sys/types.h
(just FYI) 

now I'm trying to conventionally encrypt a file in a way that pgp 5.0 can
decrypt it (and vicecersa), but I'm unable to obtain a correct decription, 
only a bad key message. I was thinking that with IDEA and RSA modules the
interoperability with PGP(2/5) and GPG is possible...
I *strongly* suspect that this is a faq (please don't shoot at me..), 
so I will be happy also with a simple hint on where I can find some 
information about this...

Fabio Coatti
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