gpg 0.3.5

Werner Koch wk at
Mon Sep 21 10:51:53 CEST 1998

Fabio Coatti <cova at> writes:

> First of all, if I try to symmetric (-ca) encrypt a file and if the *.asc
> file exists, gpg asks me if I want to rewrite the *.asc file (with suggested
> answers y/N) but if I type y gpg returns that the symmetric encription is
> failed because the file exists.

I just verified that it works (0.4.0).  May be there is a permission
problem ... no: you get the correct answer.  Have set LANG=it and not
answered "sì" or "s"?  Ahhh, right this message is not translated. 

> now I'm trying to conventionally encrypt a file in a way that pgp 5.0 can
> decrypt it (and vicecersa), but I'm unable to obtain a correct decription, 
> only a bad key message. I was thinking that with IDEA and RSA modules the
> interoperability with PGP(2/5) and GPG is possible...

decryption and verification should be possible but the encryption and
signing is more complicated because pgp puts the signature in front of
the signed data and gnupg avopid the uses of temporary files. 
Cleartext signatures should work and encryption should also work,

> I *strongly* suspect that this is a faq (please don't shoot at me..), 
> so I will be happy also with a simple hint on where I can find some 
> information about this...

Use the options:  "--rfc1991 -z 0"


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