We have 3DES

Werner Koch wk at isil.d.shuttle.de
Fri Sep 18 19:11:06 CEST 1998

And so I release 0.4.0.

It is at the usual place:

  ftp://ftp.guug.de/pub/gcrypt/gnupg-0.4.0.tar.gz  (692k)

or the diff against 0.3.5 (The evil version):

  ftp://ftp.guug.de/pub/gcrypt/diffs/gnupg-0.4.0.diff.gz  (40k)

For mirror sites see: 


Okay, whats new?

    * Triple DES is now supported.  Michael Roth did this piece of
      needed work.  We have now all the coded needed to be OpenPGP

    * Added a simple rpm spec file (see INSTALL).

    * detached and armored signatures are now using "PGP SIGNATURE",
      except when --rfc1991 is used.

    * All times which are not in the yyy-mm-dd format are now printed
      in local time.

There are still some other bugs but DES is a major step and I think we
are now in compliance to the openpgp draft 7 - I have to check this.

I have installed the freeware pgp5.53i version on a spare computer
with windoze installed :-(  .  From my first test I can say, that this
version is not OpenPGP aware - There is not much error output, so that
I can't tell exacly what's wrong.  We should do some more tests in
this field.

I've verified the ..tar.gz.sig signature with pgp2.6.3in and it worked.

This version has been checked on a fresh installed Debian/i386 2.0. 

I hope I didn't introduced another serious bug ;-)

Have fun, 


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