Using Windows binary to decrypt 0.4.0 ?

Ross Keatinge rossk at
Fri Sep 18 23:55:53 CEST 1998

Hi all

I have just spent the last few hours compiling and playing with GPG 0.4.0. I am
not very experienced with Unix so it took me a while to get it going.

I really appreciate your unpaid efforts Werner and all others involved. I'm sure
its a huge amount of work. Its looking very good. 

I have built a shopping cart with PHP scripting and I think GPG will be good to
encrypt orders without the licensing issues of PGP. I need a way to encrypt
orders on Linux and decrypt in Win32.

I intend to use the Windows binary for decrypting only, no encrypting or key
generation so lack of real random numbers shouldn't be a problem. I will
generate key pairs on my Linux host and transfer the secret key securely to the
PC. I know that is not ideal but as long as it is moved securely once and
deleted from the host then I think it should be okay.

I have tried export-secret-key from Linux and then import into Windows but it
doesn't seem to work. I cannot get the Linux generated key to appear in the
list-keys on Windows.

Is there a way of doing this or is the Windows binary on the ftp site really too
old to be useful? Its the last step in the puzzle for me. If I can get this
working I'll be very happy.

I'm a little confused as to whether the latest PGP should be able to read
messages from GPG.


Ross Keatinge                        rossk at
Orewa, New Zealand

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