Struggling with GPG

Werner Koch wk at
Mon Sep 21 11:03:35 CEST 1998

Dave Smith <dave at> writes:

> Werner, I'm not quite sure how you guys work the development model. Should I
> just begin integration of the Peter's RNG and then provide the diffs of the
> files I modify? I guess I should also double-check that it's all right to
> use the code from Cryptolib... :)

We can't put the code into the distrinution without a disclaimer, so
we should create an extra package with this stuff and modifiy GNUPG's
configure to check whether such package is installed.  I guess it is
easier to make an extra package instead of a diff file (or a diff
which only adds new files).

The FSF wants to keep the standard distribution clean, but it is okay
to use other free (in the sense of the GPL) code if you like.

I can add the required hooks to the random functions if you or someone
else can take Peter's code and add some wrappers around the data
collectors, so they can fit into GNUPG


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