Struggling with GPG

Dave Smith dave at
Sat Sep 19 10:25:15 CEST 1998


One of the main problems that you (Ross) have right now is the fact that the
Windows version is 0.2.1, while the Linux version is 0.4.0. If you look back
in the change logs, you'll find that there have been some pretty significant
changes that pretty much dash any compatibility. :(

The good news is that the only thing really missing for a Windows port is a
solid RNG (random-number generator), and I believe that Peter Gutmann has
given us permission to use one he wrote for another crypto library (somebody
correct me if I'm wrong...)

Werner, I'm not quite sure how you guys work the development model. Should I
just begin integration of the Peter's RNG and then provide the diffs of the
files I modify? I guess I should also double-check that it's all right to
use the code from Cryptolib... :)


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