dates and their representation

raf raf at
Tue Sep 22 17:38:41 CEST 1998

Michael Sobolev wrote:

>I asked Werner a question concerning whether gmtime (3) or localtime (3) should
>be used while displaying the date of key expiry.  He asked me to raise the
>question on ML.  So here it is.

>When a user creates a key pair, she may specify for how long the key is valid.
>If I understand correctly (but, actually, it does not matter if the method
>different) two values are stored with the key: the date/time of creation and
>the number of days.  The question is: how to display all these times?  What to
>use gmtime or localtime?

if the time is stored in UTC (which it hopefully is), it doesn't matter.
choose either display. it'll be consistent. or have a user option.
i think display in local time would be preferable to most people but
i could be wrong (hence an option).


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