Program interface to pgp & gpg

Werner Koch wk at
Wed Sep 23 13:56:06 CEST 1998

dwd at writes:

> The different command line syntax is not nearly as big a problem as trying
> to parse the results of the output.  The parsing algorithms are very much
> of a hack and very fragile because the output changes from version to version.

You should use --status-fd 2 and thenlook out for lines
  "[GNUPG:] KEYWORD more-info"

See g10/status.c for a list of messages. 

These are not subject to translation and will never cfrom version to
version.  Tell me where you need such a message and I'll put it in.

> I don't think the shared memory interface that Werner mentioned recently 
> will be a very good solution.  It's very hard to do that portably.  I

But it is good to pass the passhrase to gnupg and also provides a way
for other programs to obtain some bytes of secure memory which may be
used to implemnet a pssphrase widget.  The main reason for this
interface is to allow a GUI frontend which takes over all the TTX


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