debian bug tracking system

Andreas Jellinghaus aj at
Sun Aug 8 12:10:42 CEST 1999

> > You should use the Debian BTS, you can do everything with email.
> While the Debian BTS is indeed nice, it's a bit too
> resource-consuming to be of much use for a single project.
> Werner: Maybe we should try to get an instance of the Debian BTS
> running with GUUG resources, for joint use by mutt and gpg?
> (But then again, I seem to recall that this beast wants qmail or
> exim and a host name of it's own...)

any mail system should be fine.
it's easier if the bug tracking system has
it's own host name, but it will work without.
(then you need to relay to the bts several aliases plus ^[0-9]+.*)

i'm doing an installation fro open source projects anyway, 
and the bts can be used by gnupg, mutt or any other open source project.


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