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Robin Lee Powell rlpowell at
Mon Feb 1 09:04:15 CET 1999

In message <199901291851.MAA23320 at>, "Lance Heller" writes:
>I request that the use of html formatted mail be discontinued except 
>in those instances that html contributes something beyond merely 
>carrying a plain text message.  It causes an annoying delay for those 
>of us not using a browser for mail support to have to fire one up just 
>to look at someone's plain text message.  This is particularily the 
>case when having to sort through a hundred or so message a day.

I have mailcap and .mh_profile settings for having your mailer launch
lynx to read text/html stuff if you're on UNIX (or some UNIX-like CLI).
You want a copy?


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