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Mon Feb 1 09:05:55 CET 1999

In message <36B20A32.51D2D0C6 at>, Roger Williams writes:
>>>>>> Jeffrey Thompson <jeffrey at> writes:
>  > The whole idea of going to a PDF file is to take advantage of the
>  > additional features that are available through Adobe Acrobat...
>But the Acrobat tools are only used to *convert* ("distill") a
>Postscript document produced by some other application.  And you don't
>actually have to use *any* of Adobe's tools to produce PDFs...
>  >    - Improved illustrations
>  >    - Improved type-setting: stuff that comes out of TeX isn't the
>  >      best quality...
>Rubbish.  We produce our glossy illustrated user manuals with LaTeX,
>using the same Type1 fonts and high-quality drawings and photographs
>that we used in Interleaf or Framemaker.  

LaTeX, the only _real_ markup langugage.  :-)


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