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Mon Feb 1 13:48:14 CET 1999

In message <19990201164622.A5195 at>, Robert Richard George 'reptil
e' Wal writes:
>On 99.02.01 Robin Lee Powell pressed the following keys:
>> >Rubbish.  We produce our glossy illustrated user manuals with LaTeX,
>> >using the same Type1 fonts and high-quality drawings and photographs
>> >that we used in Interleaf or Framemaker.  
>> LaTeX, the only _real_ markup langugage.  :-)
>             ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>Argh... The girl I know that studies literature asked if she uses LaTeX for
>her works answered ,,Phew! LaTeX is for dummies, I use PlainTeX'' ;)

Oh.  Well, that's fair enough, actually.


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