GnuPG and trailing whitespace handling

Chip Christian chip at
Tue Feb 9 09:41:44 CET 1999

While we're on the topic of trailing whitespace...  I haven't started
digging into this yet, but I've been replacing pgp with gpg in some data
transfer stuff I've been doing, and I'm getting a report that the data
comes out the other end with trailing whitespace truncated.  Am I doing
something wrong?  Is this expected/unexpected behavior?  They're using PGP
5.x at the other end.  I do this:

	gpg --encrypt --sign --armor --textmode --force-v3-sigs ...

Oh, should I replace the --textmode with -t?  What's the difference?

       -t, --textmode
           Use canonical text mode.  If -t (but not
           --textmode) is used together with armoring
           and signing, this enables clearsigned messages.
           This kludge is needed for PGP compatibility;
           normally you would use --sign or --clearsign
           to selected the type os signatures.

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