GnuPG and trailing whitespace handling

Walter Koch walterk at
Thu Feb 11 22:08:28 CET 1999


am / On Tue, 9 Feb 1999 12:46:44 +0100, schrieb Werner / Werner wrote:

>I noticed one problem: the RFC talks about "trailing blanks" and
>"trailing whitespace" - maybe this is the reason for the problem. 
>Please, can someone have a look at the PGP 2.6 source to check how
>they actually implemented it.

AFAICS  PGP 2.6.3i only strips blanks and converts EOLs to CRLF.

See fileio.c (make_canonical(), copyfile_to_canon() ) and pgp.c (in
main() ) and the global(!) variable strip_spaces.

PGP 5.0 does it the same way.

And now for something complete different: 
There is an identifier "mcguffin" in pgp.c; Phil seems to be a
hitchcock-fan :-)

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