GnuPG and trailing whitespace handling

Ulf Möller ulf at
Wed Feb 10 21:58:00 CET 1999

>>    0x01: Signature of a canonical text document.
>>          Typically, this means the signer owns it, created it, or
>>          certifies that it has not been modified.  The signature is
>>          calculated over the text data with its line endings converted
>>          to <CR><LF> and trailing blanks removed.
>I can verify that PGP 2.6.2 and PGP 5.0 do *not* do this for detached

I reported that on the OpenPGP list before RFC 2440 was issued, but
for some reason the RFC authors ignored my post.

In PGP, trailing whitespace is removed as part of the clearsig
encoding (which is the only situation where trailing whitespace can
get lost in the transport). It is not part of the signing operation
and should not have been mentioned in the section quoted above.

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