GnuPG and trailing whitespace handling

Werner Koch wk at
Thu Feb 11 11:05:23 CET 1999

Ulf M=F6ller <ulf at> writes:

> I reported that on the OpenPGP list before RFC 2440 was issued, but
> for some reason the RFC authors ignored my post.

Yep, I remember that post but it's long ago.

> In PGP, trailing whitespace is removed as part of the clearsig
> encoding (which is the only situation where trailing whitespace can
> get lost in the transport). It is not part of the signing operation
> and should not have been mentioned in the section quoted above.

Okay, so I implement it like PGP and make a remark that GnuPG does not
follow the RFC :-)


ceterum censeo RSA esse delendam

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