GnuPG and RSA/IDEA extensions

Richard Lynch lynch at
Tue Feb 16 00:45:27 CET 1999

At 9:21 PM 2/15/99, Rich Wales wrote:
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>I recently started using GnuPG.  I hope, eventually, to write either
>(1) a front end that will autosense which decryption program (GnuPG,
>PGP 5.x, or PGP 2.6.x) to use for a given message, or else (2) an RSA
>extension for GnuPG using RSAREF (I currently live in the US), so that
>I can use RSA keys in GnuPG when necessary.

Other than the RSA/IDEA issue, all three are supposed to be compatible, no?...

I guess being able to kick in one or the other when you have RSA/IDEA if
you have a legal copy of PGP that does RSA would be good though.

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