GnuPG and RSA/IDEA extensions

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* lynch at (Richard Lynch) Tue, 16 Feb 1999 00:45:27 -0600
| Other than the RSA/IDEA issue, all three are supposed to be compatible,
| no?...

Yes, and as the bugs are ironed out, at least GPG and PGP 5.0 and up are.
PGP 2.whatever exclusively uses RSA/IDEA, which makes compatability a
patent problem.

| I guess being able to kick in one or the other when you have RSA/IDEA if
| you have a legal copy of PGP that does RSA would be good though.

Thing is, as far as RSA is concerned, it is not just the code but how it is
used.  Even if you have a valid license for RSA in the US, you still cannot 
use Werner's RSA implementation in the US.  The RSA end-user license is one 
of the most restrictive licenses around.
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