PGP and GnuPG 0.9.3 compatibility

dwpalmer at dwpalmer at
Mon Feb 22 11:54:20 CET 1999

Sorry, no such luck.  

$ gpg -c --cipher-algo cast5 --compress-algo 1 --no-comment secrets.txt

Creates a file that gpg can decrypt, but PGP 5.5 has problems with it.

PGP decrypts 6416k out of 6424k, then complains with "PGP Warning",
"The keyring contains a bad (corrupted) PGP packet".  The resulting
file is missing information from the front.

$ diff secrets.txt secrets.txt.orig 
< 87d6 1da1 dbe0
> 0000000 d3fb 5f19 4315 17d1 7bfc d1e3 1633 a747
> 0000010 9888 33f6 7b7f b10d 3fe1 f97c 2112 0434
> 0000020 c294 6927 a038 ac0a ce7b 72de d0db 6343
> 0000030 ee82 6ab0 57b4 182b 73f5 87d6 1da1 dbe0

Short of jumping in with a debugger, what can I do to help track this


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