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Tue Feb 23 09:44:17 CET 1999


I'm one of the Debian developers working on a complete OS distribution based
on the GNU Hurd.  As you may know, Debian is in the process of switching
from using PGP for developer authentiction for our package uploades to GPG.
Consequently, this is a critical part of our system, and is one of the first
things we need to port to the Hurd so we can work natively in that
environment (rather than cross-compiling as we are doing now).

GPG compiles cleanly under the Hurd, and works perfectly in decryption mode.

Unfortunately, it hangs when encrypting/signing.  The program opens the
"output" file (you can see the empty file in the file system) and then gets
stuck waiting indefinitely.

I have tracked the problem down to the "rndunix.c" module, and am looking
for additional information on this code.  Does anyone have a reference on
the original author, how it is supposed to work, etc.?

I suspect the problem is either:
(1)  Pipes under the Hurd may either be slightly broken, or may have
different behavior than under Linux/BSD.
(2)  The rndunix module believes that a device is present for gathering
random bits, but this device is possibly only implemented as a stub in the
hurd for now and so the "gather_rnd" routine just waits indefinitely for a

Any help would be appreciated.



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> Silly bug:  
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