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Andreas Jellinghaus schrieb am Donnerstag, den 25. Februar 1999:

> sorry for the faq's :

Please correct me, if I'm wrong, I don't know much about gpg...

> after compiling and installing rsa and idea modules:
>  - are there advantages of pgp 2.6.x over gnupg with these modules ?

Only PGP 2 is compatible to PGP 2. GPG can decode PGP 2, but the other 
way this doesn't work (either signing or encrypting is a problem,
don't ask me, which of the two was).

>    is the gnupg with these modules more licence problematic than pgp
>    2.6 ?

I don't think so. Both are problematic...

>  - is there a .muttrc fragment to use gnupg for pgp 2.6.x signature
>    checking ? (maybe even other stuff ?)

set pgp_default_version=pgp2    # pgp2, pgp5, gpg (default for the following)
set pgp_receive_version=gpg     # pgp-version for decrypting and verifying sigs
set pgp_send_version=default    # pgp-version for composing messages
set pgp_key_version=default     # pgp-version for extracting and sendig keys

This uses PGP2 for everything except checking signatures and
decrypting received messages, where GPG is used.

>  - is there a pgpverify script for inn, so gnupg + idea + rsa can be used ?

I didn't see any, but it should be quite easy to change pgpverify in
this way.



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