useing gpg

Michael Roth mroth at
Thu Feb 25 13:54:34 CET 1999

Hi Andreas,

On Thu, 25 Feb 1999, Andreas Jellinghaus wrote:

>  - is there a .muttrc fragment to use gnupg for pgp 2.6.x signature checking ?
>    (maybe even other stuff ?)
>  - is there a pgpverify script for inn, so gnupg + idea + rsa can be used ?

I'm working on an wrapper which takes PGP 2.6 command line options,
translate them and then call gnupg to perform the desired action. With
this wrapper most scripts and tools which are written for PGP 2.6 should
work seamless with gnupg.

The wrapper will released in the next two or three days to the public. 
However, I completed a first version of the wrapper last week but I'm
working currently on a second version of the wrapper because with the
first version I found a lot of strange PGP 2.6 command line option
parsing properties.


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